Each and every one of us

White supremacy isn’t the shark. It’s the water. Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre In the wake of the horrific assault perpetrated on innocent, hard working, loving, community supporting, Black people in Buffalo recently, I’m reminded to keep my eyes open to reality. Unfortunately, racial acculturation will have many white people focus solely upon that despicable murderous…Read more »

Tucker Carlson is hate

Tucker Carlson is the embodiment of hate. He broadcasts his carefully cultivated seeds of hate. He tends to his hate crop, assuring it thrives and grows strong. He harvests and mills his hate, then feeds it to his followers. Fox News provides the broadcast for the hate that is Tucker Carlson, sending hate out to…Read more »

White people’s work

She said not to turn away, when we became uncomfortable, that the work would make us uneasy. I agreed. I’d heard and understood that message over a decade ago, at a UPenn diversity workshop. I watched as folks turned away then, when the work became difficult- when it challenged us to consider our privilege in…Read more »