what’s fair

We’re usually young when we learn about the concept of fairness. During childhood, fairness understanding may originate as some form of believing that we’re not getting our fair share of some material item; often something that we believe we’re entitled to have. Fast forward past childhood and our perceptions of fairness evolve to include how…Read more »

shedding white comfort

So, what’s the next step, once we’ve accepted that unearned ‘white goodness’ is a myth (see The myth of white goodness)? It’s not only to acknowledge, but to embrace our discomfort in order to commit to dismantling our racist acculturation. Lapsing back into white comfort Resisting the urge to lapse back into white comfort is…Read more »

healing humanity

“You’re fighting for your humanity, not your ability to save me from your inhumanity.”@desireebstephens, TikTok creator The Black creator was talking specifically to white people, when she used those words to wrap up her post about the work that needs to be done. Starting the work doesn’t mean acting as a white savior, conversely it’s…Read more »

Each and every one of us

White supremacy isn’t the shark. It’s the water. Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre In the wake of the horrific assault perpetrated on innocent, hard working, loving, community supporting, Black people in Buffalo recently, I’m reminded to keep my eyes open to reality. Unfortunately, racial acculturation will have many white people focus solely upon that despicable murderous…Read more »