The Grecian Hillside collection is made with speckled brown clay (or dark brown stoneware) and has a matte surface of soft earthy green with hand painted red orange and subtle black accents. It reminds me of a summer long ago, standing on the hillside at Delphi and looking out over the soft green hills of Greece.


The River Deep collection is made with dark brown stoneware with a rich blue, deep brown, and red accents contrasted with creamy white patterned detail.


The Rustic Earth collection is hand-build from clay slabs, using dark brown stoneware with creamy white accents and additional subtle color accents.


The Painted Desert collection is made with dark brown stoneware and finished with deep mauve and creamy white with accents of green and black glaze.


The Farmhouse Pantry collection is versatile in color scope, and is made with speckled brown stoneware and usually has muted yellow tones combined with deep brown-reds or violet hues in a matte glaze.


The Sun Catcher collection is made from white stoneware with predominantly light amber matte glaze with subtle accents of soft green and red orange.