The following collections represent my current pottery surface treatments. Each color grouping describes not only the stoneware clay body used, as well as the lead-free dinnerware/food safe glazes used in each group, but also the story behind the color collection. All of the pottery in these groupings are dishwasher safe and microwavable.

The Grecian Hillside collection is made with speckled brown or dark brown stoneware, with soft earthy matte green surface and hand painted red orange and black accents. It reminds me of a summer long ago, as I stood in the hazy heat on a Delphi hillside gazing across the soft green Grecian landscape.


The River Deep collection is made with dark brown stoneware with rich blue, textured amber, and red glaze accents, which are contrasted with a white pattern detail. The River Deep color story comes from a trip to St. Paul several years ago. As I walked along the Mississippi river front, I was struck by the contrast of the surging force and magnitude of all that water against the aging red brick factories that lined the river.



The Painted Desert collection is made with dark brown stoneware and finished with a splash and/or brush stroke of deep mauve and creamy white with tiny detailed accents of green and black glazes. The dramatic color contrast of these glazes – unique in application to each item – represents the shifting sands and vibrant desert sunsets.


The Under the Sea collection is made with dark brown or speckled brown stoneware clay with a mid-fire range green patina glaze.