Put a couple of words together and maybe you get a ‘desired effect’ or ‘win-win’. Might filthy nana be an apt name? I may never know; it’s just something I uttered one day, describing the kind of grandmother I happen to be. Not that I live in a sty (and I’m an organized sort of sexagenarian); it’s simply that there is always dirt in my house – dirt that I fashion into adornment. And I’ll admit, I’m not one to preemptively act to avoid the birth of the occasional cob web. A dirt-free environment is not on my top ten goals list.

The name filthy nana just seemed appropriate for jewelry made from dirt in the hands of this old lady.

Each original pendant is $25 (includes shipping). Fashioned from dark brown mid-fire stoneware, each ceramic design is threaded with a tied waxed cotton cord. Some pendants are accented with a metal or wooden bead. Check out my kathystoneware shop on Etsy to purchase available pendants.














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