Proximity to black people

As white people, we can’t just declare ourselves to be non-racist or unbiased. The mere desire to be without racial bias doesn’t have the power to undo our racism acculturation. Additionally, unconscious bias and racism aren’t erased by having black friends or relatives. The “my sister’s husband is Black, so I can’t be racist” is…Read more »

Interrupting whiteness

When white people are presented with racist comments, while in the presence of all-white groups, whose responsibility is it to speak for those not present?  To dig a little deeper, what restricts white people from speaking up for those not present, when racist comments are made? White privilege asserts itself in many places, but especially…Read more »

White people’s work

She said not to turn away, when we became uncomfortable, that the work would make us uneasy. I agreed. I’d heard and understood that message over a decade ago, at a UPenn diversity workshop. I watched as folks turned away then, when the work became difficult- when it challenged us to consider our privilege in…Read more »