I’m a potter, living and working in my home studio in Southeastern Pennsylvania, making small batches of wheel thrown and ha dspring, , and fallsince my . The is housed in a . My

I work with three types of clay, speckled brown, dark brown, and white stoneware that is mostly wheel thrown, but also hand built, depending on the piece. The work is then air dried for several days and then bisque fired in my kiln. After bisque firing is complete, each piece is glazed, hand dipped and/or brushed. After the glazing application is complete, each piece is fired a second time in the kiln.

I glaze my pottery in several different color stories; each is shown below. (upper left: Grecian Hillside; center top: Painted Desert; upper right: River Deep; lower left: Farmhouse Pantry; center bottom: Rustic Earth; and lower left: Sun Catcher