strategies to de-center whiteness

@Fatalprose posted a response (on TikTok) to a white person who wrote, ‘I feel like anything I try to add to a conversation about race is wrong. I see so many BIPOC people get mad at white women for trying to add their perspective.’

His response was to use an analogy of misogyny to offer strategies in de-centering whiteness. What follows are @fatalprose’s words with ‘white or race’ replacing his analogy of ‘male or gender’. 

  1. Learn how to decenter myself.
  2. How to not just blurt out the first thing I’m feeling based on my own personal experience.
  3. Learn how to listen through the eyes of another person, and how to affirm and validate their experiences.
  4. Relearn a lot of history, because we were taught from a white perspective, and there’s so much we still don’t know because of the biased way we were brought up.
  5. Enter a discussion about racism assuming we don’t know.
  6. Make sure I’m not being in denial, deflecting, or presenting myself as a distraction, but actually adding value to the discussion that’s already taking place.
  7. And even then, understanding that some conversations are for black people only.

One commenter added: 

Does it need to be said? 

Does it need to be said by me? 

Does it need to be said by me right now?

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