Little bundle of pottery

Packaging pottery for shipment presents a new challenge for me. While I’ve sent packages cross-country throughout the years, especially since my youngest daughter has lived in California for over a decade, I haven’t packaged my pottery. I’ve always used UPS’s packaging service to do the packing and shipping, but now I’d like to conquer the packaging part of being a potter. This new challenge requires packing pottery pieces both economically and so they’ll arrive in great condition.

I’ve received products in the mail in the box-in-a-box type of packaging method and this assembly seems to work very well. No matter how rumpled the exterior box becomes from ‘over-handling’ the product inside has always remained safe and sound.

For the packaging/shipping test I was only shipping two little 5 inch bowls, so I used an old ‘bark box’ and plenty of newsprint. After nestling the items securely in crumpled paper and securing the the box lid with packing tape, I tossed the box onto my ceramic tile floor a few times to see what would happen. Then I shook the box and didn’t hear the tell-tale rattling of broken pottery.

Next came the actual shipment, this time to San Diego, to my daughter’s close friend, Melissa. The guy at UPS asked what was in the box and I replied, ‘pottery’ and he asked, ‘is it packed well?’ and I said, ‘sure’. Well, the package was to arrive in San Diego on Friday March 10th, but was delayed due to a storm system barreling across the country. Today is the new delivery date, and I heard from Melissa that my packaging system held up as that little bundle of pottery made it’s way to the west coast and safely into her hands.


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