Outdoor studio: pros and cons

There are a lot of plusses about a porch that serves as an outdoor studio. From both a sensory and production perspective: being outdoors in natural light, catching a gentle breeze, watching a cardinal soar by, and being able to dump clay water into a nearby plant just helps me feel connected to nature while I work.


Sunday, I worked as the rain teemed all around. The eaves kept the rainwater out of most of the doorways and only trickled in on one side. Dinah liked the rain as long as she didn’t get wet; even though he was under the weather, Oliver seemed to enjoy it as well.

On the flip side, those dog days of summer can be a bear when the humidity reaches 85% or more. I make sure to get working before 7:30 am and work until I’m sweating just sitting at the wheel. Usually the cool water extends my work hours to about 1 pm so that helps. So does the ceiling fan which runs constantly. The big old maple tree lends shade to the porch and keeps the temperature comfortable until early afternoon.

Then I’m back in the studio for the evening and really enjoy throwing, trimming, and glazing as the sun begins to set. Oliver and Dinah seem to like this time of day, too.

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