Throwing properites of different clays

The #182 Standard white stoneware mentioned in the previous post is super easy to throw as it contains very little grog; it’s smooth and very pliable. The downside is that it might crack during drying if you’re not careful and allow the clay to dry too quickly or have uneven floor/wall thickness. The #112 Standard speckled brown clay is more rigid with lots of grog, a bit harder to throw compared with the white stoneware, but is nice and sturdy and rarely cracks. Glazes result with a speckled texture that enhances most glaze colors (image right).  The #259 Standard brown stoneware is smooth and easy to throw (image left), but I’ve had occasion where cracks form during bisque firing on larger/ wider pots; drying slowly helps to prevent this from happening. The downside to the rich brown finished clay color in oxidation firing (electric kiln) is that glaze colors are muted. However, experimenting with various glazes can result in some fun results (image center).

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