Moving a kiln

Moving a kiln is an easy but delicate process. When my kiln arrived a few years ago, the Paul Bunyonesque delivery truck guy moved it to the top of the driveway with a heavy duty hand truck. Order, delivery, and shipment took longer than expected, so my anticipated timeline of delivery and installation went out the window – and of course I was scheduled to leave town for a couple of weeks just as the kiln finally arrived. So plan b was for the kiln to sit in its packing box on the skid at the top of the driveway, wrapped in a tarp, bungeed from the wind and whatever else might try to invade the packaging for at least a couple of weeks. I did unpacked the kiln furniture and stand vent motor and promptly lost the peep hole plugs. Things were off to a great start.

A few weeks later, when the shed was complete and I had installed the slate floor where the kiln would rest, it was time to unpack and move the kiln. My son and I took the kiln sections apart, beginning with the lid. We carried the lid and floor and used my son’s square wheeled furniture mover to transport the top and bottom kiln sections. Prior to wheeling, we placed two 2″ x 10″ x 10′ boards side by side across the lawn. Of course there weren’t enough boards to reach the shed, so we’d stop and move the boards, but this process was easy and in a few short minutes the kiln was in the shed.

Each kiln section was carefully assembled so as not to damage the brick. And voila! the kiln was in the shed. Now to get electricity to the kiln…


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